Reini Application using Horner X4 by W&K-Automation GmbH

The Cologne-based system manufacturer W&K-Automation offers individual solutions for raw material handling in bakeries and the food industry. This project was a development for a series of W&K products in bakery-technology. In addition to W&K’s well-balanced product portfolio in raw materials handling, REINI brand machines for baking tray cleaning are also exclusively manufactured and distributed.

The aims of this solution included:

  • The Replacement of the older pre-existing controller with a future-proof and flexible solution

Main challenges faced for this application:

  • Upholding our standards for controllers
  • Fitting the comparatively small control cabinet with a compact control system

For this machine, the Horner Micro Series X4 and expansion SmartMod+ HE379DIQ610 was implemented. Similar products from Horner’s competitors were considered but the display of these products didn’t show enough information which was required by the client. The Horner products also provided benefits with their compact size and the opportunity to send updates to the client.  The client can also simply load data directly to the device via the MicroSD.

Features of the X4 include its minimal physical design with its small, sleek profile the X4 enables you to fit more in your panel, saving space and resources. The X4 packs a big picture into an overall small package. With just a 4.6” x 3.5” cutout, this 4.3” wide aspect screen is very friendly, intuitive, and clear.

In the market of fixed I/O, web-compatible controllers, the X4 is unmatched. Suited for most applications across a diverse range of industries, the X4 exceeds standards (and expectations). With powerful processor speeds, an intuitive user interface, and rugged durability, the suite of capabilities within the X4 are like our more established XL Prime line of products.

The SmartMod+ I/O is available from Horner to expand your OCS system. SmartMod+ can cost effectively provide additional points of I/O to any solution and is a great choice for expanding X-Series OCS when one or more digital or analogue I/O are required.

SmartMod+ I/O are so compact; they will fit in the smallest of spaces. The SmartMod+ range of remote I/O modules represent innovative solutions capable of satisfying the requirements of small to medium size automation systems, ideal for maximum performance and process reliability, enabling communication between multiple devices connected to the same network.