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Horner Automation at SPS Nuremberg 2023

October 11, 2023

Horner Automation are exhibiting this year, 2023, at SPS Nuremberg. See what’s in store this year, including our latest product lines and see more details about our presentation at the show.

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Reini Application using Horner X4 by W&K-Automation GmbH

October 9, 2023

The Cologne-based system manufacturer W&K-Automation offers individual solutions for raw material handling in bakeries and the food industry. This project was a development for a series of W&K products in bakery-technology. In addition to W&K’s well-balanced product portfolio in raw materials handling, REINI brand machines for baking tray cleaning are also exclusively manufactured and distributed.

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Application by SARPI ThinkTech in France using Horner XL4 Prime

September 11, 2023

SARPI ThinkTech chose the Horner XL4 Prime-C112 to completely revamp their press filter application from an electro-mechanical cabinet into a fully automated cabinet.

The main aims of this revamp included.:

To Save time
To increase the ease of use for the press filter
To allow for communication using SCADA

The XL4 Prime’s All-in-One solution, with the built in HMI and I/O’s made it the best choice for SARPI ThinkTech for this application. The colour touch screen, data logging, easy communications and native Modbus TCP protocol were more advantages of the XL4 Prime.

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Carpet Wrapping Machine by Talia Properties EOOD in Greece using Horner EXL6

July 3, 2023

The main aims of this project were to create an automated carpet wrapping machine which could also measure the dimensions of the carpet and send that data of each carpet to a data base of the cleaning company.

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