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Thanks to SIKO close partnership with a circle of customers from internationally leading machine manufacturers, that allowed SIKO to set standards for decades with innovative solutions for efficient format production when changing products, and Horner OCS capability to integrate in a All-In-One solution PLC, HMI, I/O and Network , a Complete Quick Size Change Solution compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements has been developed.
Automated Carpet Washing Machine by DataMech in Greece For this solution, Datamech implemented the controller and it’s programming for Talia Properties EOOD in Greece. The expected lifespan for this solution is over 20 years.
This seaweed cooking application was a completely new experience for Unison to develop. The challenge of this application was that it was an application which the customer had the idea for, but no ideas for implementation. Unison worked hard to develop a solution for the customer and chose to user Horner products due to their flexibility, reliability, and price point.
TSI International was founded in 2020 and is in Dordrecht, Netherlands. They specialize in electrical installations, control technology, machine building and security camera systems. The aims of this solution were to create professional ship controls with ease of use for the customer.
The aim of this application was to upgrade and automate the process of mixing the raw materials to each silo to increase ease of use and efficiency for the customer. Initially, operators were required to control the process manually. This was labor intensive and required the operators to correctly time the incorporation of the raw materials and there was a responsibility to regularly check the flow rates.
Shriram Automation is a system integrator for Horner India. Read about how the Delta PLC in this application was upgraded to a Horner EXLW to ensure consistent and higher quality results each time.