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During these times, we want to remain as engaged with our customers as we can. To continue to serve you, we will be hosting webinars to keep you up to date.

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Upcoming Webinars

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All about Arrays in Tag-Based Advanced Ladder More Cscape users than ever before are converting their OCS applications to variable-based advanced ladder programming. Along with UDFBs and structures they are utilizing arrays. What are all the different ways arrays can be used and exploited? In this technical session we will show you how to do just that.11/8/202210:30am CEST30 minutes
The Cscape Shift Register Instruction Shift registers are somewhat complex instructions that are not always well understood by novice programmers. If this session will illustrate a variety of uses for this powerful instruction that you are sure to find informative.18/8/202210:30am CEST30 minutes
Retrofitting Legacy OCS Part 1 The very first Horner OCS100 & OCS200 models hit the market in 1998 and tens of thousands have been providing reliable service ever since. If you've got one of these workhorses, you may be in the market to modernize your control system. Lucky for you, you'll be able to accomplish that while reusing a significant portion of your original program. In this session, we will guide you through the process of selecting a new OCS model along with the steps you will take to perform the upgrade.25/8/202210:30am CEST30 minutes
Retrofitting Legacy OCS Part 2 In Part 1 of our series we focused on model selection, I/O replacement and utilizing as much of the existing logic program as possible. In Part 2 - we focus on graphics. How can I utilize some or all of the existing graphics screens from the legacy controller? What if I have to scale graphics up or down - how can I do that? This is important information for any retrofit project with existing graphics content.1/9/202210:30am CEST30 minutes

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