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Upcoming Webinars

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String Handling in Enhanced IEC Cscape offers multiple options when it comes to Logic languages - whether you prefer ladder language or the flexible variety that IEC languages offer. We'll review the extensive library of native string handling functions available in Cscape's Enhanced IEC instruction set. Enhanced IEC instructions are available for Horner's most advanced All-in-one Controller families - including the XL Prime and the upcoming Canvas Series. Join us as we review these powerful instructions for dealing with string data!18/4/202410:30am CEST30 minutes
String Handling and Structured Text Structured Text (ST) has some real advantages - especially for those who prefer computer based (text-based) programming languages. One of the areas where Structured Text (ST) really shines is in String Handling. During this Webinar we’ll talk about some real-world applications where strings are in heavy use - and provide practical programming examples.25/4/202410:30am CEST30 minutes
Find Operations Using Structured Text In this webinar- we’ll be programming in Structured Text (ST). This time, we’ll be using this powerful and flexible programming language to perform a variety of Find Operations. Searching through a series of machine presets? Looking up a Bar Coded part number in an inventory list? These are just a couple of applications where a ST-coded Find routine can get the job done. Join us for practical programming tips and (as always) plenty of demonstrations.2/5/202410:30am CEST30 minutes
OCS-I/O Modules Preview OCS-I/O is Horner's newest and most advanced I/O System yet. It's cost-effective - yet highly versatile. Need more local I/O? Check. How about Remote I/O located a few hundred meters away? Check. What if you just need to add a couple of extra analog and/or a high-resolution temperature input to your Micro OCS? Check and Check. This week we preview the newest high-density digital I/O modules for OCS-I/O, which will enhance its functionality even further - especially in large I/O count applications.9/5/202410:30am CEST30 minutes

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