Our X Series device protocols for use with our Cscape OCS programming environment and XL Series, NX, LX and QX platforms.

To install, simply download the zipped files you require and extract the DLL inside to your Cscape/Protocols directory and restart Cscape.

After extraction, the same directory (Cscape/Protocols) will hold a protocol specific help file in .chm format.

Manufacturer Protocols
Allen bradley DF1(Micrologix,PLC5,SLC500)
Animatics Animatics
BACnet BACnet files including help
BACnet BACnet manual
Baldor Baldor Serial
CTRTU CTRTU protocol dll and help file
Danfoss VLT5000 Series
ELMO Simplig MC Protocol
Emerson Control Techniques Emerson
Eurotherm 590 Eurotherm 590/590+
Eurotherm 635 Eurotherm 635
Flowmax Flowmax 400i
GE FANUC Series90(SNP)
Modbus Master Modbus Master
Modbus TCP/IP Modbus TCP/IP
Horner CsCAN
Indromat SIS
KEB KEB Combivert
Mitsubishi A Series
Mitsubishi FX Series
Omron Omron C Series
PM Control EC Motor
Siemens PPI
Siemens USS
Toshiba ComputerLink
Toshiba Tosvert
Unitelway Unitelway DII and Help file

For TIU Protocols, please contact [email protected]