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Helpful Horner Hacks Hacks are everywhere online these days - a shortcut no one has thought of, a creative way to solve a common problem, a new combination of components to achieve a different, better result. In this session, we’ll show you some great tips when using Horner products. Join us for this fun, out of the ordinary live session.1/12/202210:30am CET30 minutes
Using Gmail with the Horner OCS Understandably, the bar keeps moving when it comes to email security. Much of the PLC world bases it’s email capabilities on Gmail. When Gmail security requirements change, the PLC industry is forced to react to retain email functionality. The OCS All-in-one Controllers from Horner Automation are no different. Join us for this informative session as we demonstrate setting up the OCS email feature under the latest rules and workarounds from Gmail.8/12/202210:30am CET30 minutes

Smart Micro Dairy
Smart Microdairy™
developed in Limerick, Ireland
by Unison Process Solutions.
Read how Horner Technology was
applied in this innovative application.
Providing solutions for Industrial,
Process and Building Automation.
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Horner OCS

Tell us what you want – custom functions, special protocol requirements, or more I/O – we’ll do it quickly and affordably. Whether you need large quantities or small, bring us your challenge and we will see what we can do. We will work with you to customise our OCS to meet your needs.



By combining a controller, operator interface, I/O, and networking into a single compact unit, OCS (Operator Control Station) provides a better control systems solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Integrators and End-users alike.



Horner Automation offers a range of software packages that allow the end-user to program, configure, remotely monitor and control their Horner devices.  Cscape, our fully integrated IEC61131 programming and configuration software is free to download.

Horner Automation Group are global leaders in the design and manufacture of factory automation control products.

Horner Automation Group designs, builds, and markets a wide array of industrial All-in-One controllers, consisting of programmable HMI, I/O, software and peripherals for the Industrial, Process Control, Renewable Energy and Building Automation markets.