About Us

Horner APG - Providing solutions for Industrial, Process and Building Automation.

We are global leaders in the design and
manufacture of factory automation
control solutions

Who We Are

We are part of the world-wide Horner Electric Group that was founded in 1949 and have been designing PLC’s, Communication Products, HMI’s and their related products since the early ’80s.

Based in Cork, Ireland, Horner Ireland Limited is the European Headquarters of the Group and was founded in 1997.

Our ethos is to design and manufacture innovative products that are extremely easy to use and provide significant value to our customers.

What We Do 

We pride ourselves on being the industry leading provider of all-in-one controllers. 

We offer all-in-one control solutions for OEM’s, integrators and end-users.

Our range of Programmable Logic Controllers and Human Machine Interfaces are widely used across industry.  

Our Distributors