Pump Station Control

Water treatmentIntegrator
Invertek Drives Espana
Placa de les Hortes, Granollers, Barcelona, Spain

Water treatment had become a very popular market. One of the main tasks of such system is usually pump station control. To collect and process all data by using single control unit is a very efficient task. eXL6 with its 5.7” Colour Touch Screen offers user friendly navigation as well as complete control solution. eXL6 communicates by the RS485 Modbus RTU protocol with our high-resolution SmartMod thermocouple input modules.

Flexibility of the system makes future expansions easy and affordable. With a single add-on like GSM/GPRS modem the system can be monitored and maintained remotely (Ethernet option also available).






  • System of 4 pumps fully controlled by single Controller. Status, temperature, workload, etc – everything handled by one convenient control system
  • Multi-loop PID control
  • Future Expansion possibility (SMS Alarm Handling, Remote Monitoring, more pumps serviced)
  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • Competitive price


  • Control system – 5.7” eXL6 TouchScreen OCS. Touch screen and navigation keys for easy editing, monitoring and menu navigation
  • Temperature control – 16bit resolution thermocouple input SmartMod module
  • Multiple Connections – serial ports supporting multiple devices simultaneously
  • Remote Monitoring – Envision RV working with Ethernet or GPRS add-on
  • Communication with Drive – Modbus RTU (RS-485) protocol supported by XL6
  • Alarm Handling – GSM/GPRS option kit, managing multiple Phone users (incoming & outgoing SMS messages)