Air Heating Control

Building AutomationIntegrator/Distributor

There are multiple different ways of controlling the air temperature in the building. This is one of the key parameters when considering building automation. Here, it is handled by using the air-water principle, controlled by the eXL6 (model 115) and SmartStix I/O.

The main objective of the application is to keep the air temperature in a building at a constant value by using the air – water principle:

  • In the first stage gas heating takes place (called primary heat) using two compressors pumped through a heat exchanger air-ground.
  • In the second stage occurs the heat exchange between the primary and secondary thermal agent (the water).

The operator interacts with the system display using the main eXL6 screen:

The components of the main screen are the following:

Operator has the possibility to view (‘Vizualizare’) or to set (‘Setare’) the system parameters:

The application has also implemented a series of alarms, depending on common hardware failures or temperature limits (set by the operator). Some of these alarms are critical and system operation is completely stopped until the cause of the alarm is eliminated.


  • Controller and HMI in one package
  • Good quality colour Touch Screen
  • Support for external I/O
  • Affordable price
  • Intuitive navigation