The New X7 OCS

Introducing The New X7 Colour Touchscreen OCS.

In the market of cost-effective all-in-one controllers, the web-compatible X7 is unmatched in its abilities to control, communicate, and log data. Suited for applications across a diverse range of industries, the X7 exceeds standards (and expectations). With its capable processor speed and larger, intuitive user interface, the suite of capabilities within the X7 expand upon our established X2 and X4 products.

The X7 is the fourth product of the streamlined X Series of embedded I/O controllers. All units feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking and I/O.

The wide, sleek profile of the X7 enables you to fit more in your panel, saving space and resources. The X7 packs a big picture into an overall small package.

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