Cscape 9.90 Available to Download

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What’s New in Cscape™ 9.90

  • Added Wifi Support (Currently XL+ only)
  • Added Support for J1939 and CANopen on RCC Models, RCC2414, RCC8842, RCC1410
  • Support for full memory map (50000 %R registers etc.) plus logic size increase on RCC Models, RCC2414, RCC8842, RCC1410
  • Added Set CAN ID Logic Block (Advanced Ladder only – no IEC support)
  • Needle Only (previously Classic Style) gauge now supports Triangle and Rhombus needle styles as in the advanced gauge style.
  • Improvements have been made to the interface for selecting images
  • Improved provision for automatic and manual text wrapping for buttons is available
  • Added X7 Model
  • Added X5 Video Object Support
  • Support Selection of J1939 Baud Rate
  • Added HSC digital filtering
  • Added Xle/t HSC Output Pulse Mode
  • Added allowing the user to import a set of variable names from an XML file.
  • enhanced indirect move block to make it’s use more flexible with Tag based ladder programming.
  • Remove Obsolete models from Model Database (Products removed: OCS100/110; OCS200/210; OCS250; RCS; All Mini OCS; PLC188; CCU; NJN100; SX117/118; HE-ATBxxx; HE400DNT188; HE200UCNx14)

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