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See our future products

Coming Soon – CPU250 and CPU300 – Our PLC with OCS I/O Expansion and remote screen with Canvas Graphics. See them first at SPS Italia 2024.

NEW Canvas Series OCS

Horner’s Canvas Series of OCS PLC All-in-One controllers is just as the name implies – a new canvas for users to utilize a brand new set of enhanced graphics objects in Cscape 10 to give full creative freedom to create screens as technically advanced or as visually stunning as they desire.

Take advantage of single touch swipe gestures and a redesigned system menu to build your application for the modern world. The Canvas Series also supports WebMI+ as the next iteration of one of the best remote access tools for your OCS controllers, and also offers MQTT Sparkplug, numerous CAN protocols and Enhanced IEC programming support right out of the box with no licensing fees.

If you are a new automation designer looking for an innovative, reliable control solution – the Canvas Collection offers a fully integrated product in hardware and software. If you are an existing XL Series or XL Prime Series user – your current application program will port straight through in less than 30 seconds. In either case you can’t go wrong!

OCS 360 - The Complete End to End IIOT System

OCS 360 is the upcoming Complete End to End IIOT System from Horner Automation. Users can create custom dashboards which can be shared with your team. Dashboard features include:

  • Tailored Views
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Many Widget Options
  • Filtering and Interactivity
  • Shareable Dashboards
  • Time series
  • Latest Values
  • Control, Alarm and Static Widgets

Unleashing the Power: Embracing OSC360 Services for Competitive Edge!

  1. Integration with Existing Systems: OCS360 solutions can often be integrated with existing infrastructure and systems, allowing for a smoother transition and maximizing the value of existing investments.
  2. Real-time Monitoring and Insights: OCS360 provides real-time visibility into industrial operations, allowing businesses to monitor processes, track performance, and gather valuable data for analysis.
  3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Automation and data-driven decision-making optimize workflows, reduce downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency, leading to increased productivity.
  4. Predictive Maintenance: IIOT enables predictive maintenance through continuous monitoring of equipment conditions. This helps in identifying potential issues before they lead to costly breakdowns.
  5. Cost Reduction: By streamlining operations, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing downtime, IIOT solutions can lead to significant cost savings over time.
  6. Enhanced Safety and Compliance: IIOT can improve workplace safety by providing real-time alerts for potential hazards. It also helps in maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  7. Data-driven Decision Making: IIOT generates a wealth of data that can be analysed to gain valuable insights, driving informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  8. Remote Monitoring and Control: IIOT allows for remote access to equipment and systems, enabling monitoring and control from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Cscape 10

Cscape 10 is our next major release for our free PLC software. Cscape combines graphical ladder diagram programming (based on IEC-1131) with operator interface development to completely integrate the control package.

Included in this major release we will have:

  • Feature-rich Graphics
  • Re-Designed user interface
  • New and improved symbol library
  • Improved ease of use with gesture support, including rotate, flip and swipe gestures
  • Interactive Trend Object
  • High Quality Control Panel Visualization and Objects
  • Superior Animation Performance
  • Continued Evolution of Advanced Logic Languages

The release of Cscape 10 will also unlock the full potential of our upcoming Canvas Series of controllers. The Canvas Series will harness all the above features on a range of powerful All-In-One controllers to suit all kinds of applications.

XL Prime Series

With fully integrated hardware and software, the XL Prime series offers easier programming, installation, development and set-up.
Our controllers have a small footprint and can easily retrofit into an existing system with little effort. The XL Prime are not limited to their on-board I/O. Many variations of distributed remote I/O, including SmartBlock, SmartStix, and SmartMod can be connected
via CsCAN, Ethernet, or Modbus. RTU/Modbus based SmartMod I/O is also a cost-effective means of adding a small amount of analog I/O.
The XL Prime series utilizes microSD™ Data Storage Memory, ideal for data logging, machine recipes, and application files.

Micro Series

Our Micro OCS Series of products introduces a series of fixed I/O controllers, with exceptional performance and a streamlined ordering and pricing structure. These powerful and efficient controllers are well-suited to perform many of the same high-end applications as our popular XL Prime Series, but at the price point of an introductory component. This series is ideal for:

• Custom OEM Products • Power Management & Back-up Generation

• Semiconductor Applications • Packaging Machinery

• Water Treatment • Pump Control • Food Processing

• HVAC/Environmental Control • Automotive Parts Manufacturing


OCS-I/O is a modular I/O system for OCS offering a fieldbus network (CsCAN). It is a flexible I/O system that can be applied as a local expansion I/O or as remote I/O distributed over hundreds of meters.

Highly expandable remote and expansion I/O for OCS, the Horner OCS-I/O expands the I/O capacity of OCS all-in-one controllers. OCS-I/O uses fieldbus technology and can be installed locally or hundreds of meters away.

  • Fieldbus network – CsCAN
  • Local expansion I/O or remote I/O up to 500 m away
  • Expandable with up to 7 modules per base and 16 bases per network
  • Spring-clamp style connectors are standard

Download the brochure for further details on the individual modules.

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