Seaweed Cooking application by Unison in Co. Donegal, Ireland

This seaweed cooking application was a completely new experience for Unison to develop. The challenge of this application was that it was an application which the customer had the idea for, but no ideas for implementation.

Unison worked hard to develop a solution for the customer and chose to user Horner products due to their flexibility, reliability, and price point. Unison has had success in the past using Horner in various other application solutions.

For this application, the Horner XL7 with expanded ethernet compatibility was chosen. Features of the XL7 which made it perfect for this application included it’s 7” full colour screen for the user interface display and its perfect amount of I/O. The PID control out of the box allowed for fast and versatile setup and it’s embedded Datalogging system with logging conditions control were useful features which removed the need to develop these from scratch.

Previously, Unison was using a self-made PID control system within Horner’s programming software, Cscape but for this project they decided to use Horner’s PID control with autotune which now works perfectly for the application.

The customer now has fully automated control for production.

Looking forward the customer wants to also implement remote control of the application using Horner’s WebMI. WebMI will allow the user to control everything onscreen from a computer, tablet, or other mobile device.

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