Centrifuge Control Systems Application

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Chemical Separator Market

Invertek Drives Espana
Placa de les Hortes, Granollers, Barcelona, Spain

The launch of XL series has given the Invertek Drives Spain a significant technological advantage that made a difference in applications that were controlled by far too complicated panels with low performances.
One of these markets is the centrifuge market. Centrifuge is a chemical separator and it’s used to separate solids inside of a fluid taking advantage of the density differences and weight. Invertek is using all the benefits of XL series to make this kind of machine more flexible and powerful. All the data is obtained by the XLT (like temperature of centrifuge, digital signals, thermistor ). Furthermore the XLT communicates by the RS485 Modbus RTU protocol with an Optidrive Plus AC inverter getting real time information about the process and forcing the drive during each part of the process to modify speed, ramp, and other variables.
The system also allows the user to maintain the system remotely. SMS messages can be sent to several mobile phones so all critical alarms that could cause damage or injury in explosive environment (ATEX) are known very quickly.
XLT has made the centrifugue applications more powerful with a very competitive price. Time savings are also worth mentioning because with XLT and it’s built-in I/O you can connect and configure all the signals directly without using any third party devices.

• Process all the data (temperature, digital signals etc…) in one control system
• Connectivity with Optidrive Plus AC inverter (getting real time data via simple interface)
• SMS alarm handling
• Simplified assembly process
• Competitive price
• Control system – XLT TouchScreen OCS (model XT240C115 – with temperature inputs)
• Temperature sensors – onboard PT100 inputs
• Accuracy – 14bit analogue inputs, 12bit analogue outputs
• Digital Inputs/Outputs (max 12 In/12 Out)
• Communication with Drive – Modbus RTU (RS-485) protocol supported by XLt
• Alarm Handling – GSM/GPRS option kit (HE-GSM04) managing multiple Phone users (incoming & outgoing SMS messages)