Horner Automation Group is looking to expand its reseller network in Europe

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Transform your sales with our innovative HMI and PLC combined in a single product.

Horner Automation Group is looking to expand its reseller network in Europe.

  • Have you got other control products in your portfolio?
  • Do you currently sell HMIs or PLCs?
  • Would you like to sell HMIs or PLCs to complement your existing offerings?
  • Would you like to differentiate your offering among the wealth of PLCs and HMIs on the market?
  • Would you like to target OEMs, integrators, and end users alike?

Horner’s OCS product family could be the addition to your portfolio that you need.

Since 1997, we have been growing in the European market with our current network and are now looking to add competent technical resellers in most regions of Europe to sell our expanding range of products and services.

We offer free training and support, assistance with digital marketing, and shared stock profiles with a short lead time, minimising the cost of getting started.

Our product combines a PLC, HMI, I/O, and networking in a single product, providing differentiation in the crowded mature PLC and HMI automation market.

Specialising in medium-volume factory automation, we have an extensive ability to modify products (both hardware and software) to meet customers needs.

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Lowers costs, provides more options, and is simple to use

OCS focus is on providing an easy-to-use, lower-cost “All-in-One” control system solution to automation problems. It has a vast range of local and remote I/O systems and communication abilities that are second to none, ranging from integrated fieldbus, ethernet, cell and phone modems, serial ports, and protocols, along with mass data storage capabilities that are tightly integrated and easy to use.


Easy-to-use, powerful, and secure programming package called Cscape™ at no additional cost.

OCS applications are developed with an easy-to-use, powerful, and secure programming package called Cscape™. Cscape supports logic programming (IEC61131) and Horner’s own Ladder, operator interface development, I/O configuration, and network configuration all in one package and programmes all products. Cscape also offers security features. Users can be required to enter passwords to access protected operations (such as upload, download, verify, and controller mode).

Cscape can be downloaded for free; it has no costly licencing fees, and you don’t have to pay for software upgrades. With fully integrated hardware and software, OCS offers easier programming, installation, development, and setup.

Cscape screenshot

OCS: The Integrators and End User’s Choice

OCS continues to be adopted by a growing band of integrators and end users as it provides the following benefits:

  • Wide range of screens, networks, and I/O modules.
  • One Powerful IEC61131 Programming Software Package for Control and Visualisation—Licence Free
  • Programmes that are easily reusable across the product range—reuse your IP.
  • Integrated concept that simplifies development time, wiring, and panel space.

Through our local Horner offices and our network of OCS resellers, the Horner products are backed by a worldwide support network. With European-based design, development, and technical support, Horner Europe can offer integrators and users an exceptional level of service, flexibility, and support.

Horner, the OEM Partner

For over 25 years, the name “Horner” has become synonymous with OEM partners and users alike for simplifying automation tasks. Whether updating a machine programme in the field, configuring I/O, or conducting accurate temperature measurement, Horner has the answer and follows our philosophy of “Automation Made Simple” .

    • Easier Programming and System Modification
    • Simplified repair and replacement
    • Ease-of-use and cost reduction in system development
    • Flexibility
    • Customization: We have been an OEM partner for over 25 years. Horner’s specialty is providing the customer with what they need.

    Our company culture is oriented towards OEM customers, with an understanding of the special requirements that an OEM customer brings. We can customise the product from a brand label or custom overlay to special I/O, protocol, or housing, even at low volumes.