Firmware revisions for our OCS controllers are available to download.

Voucher Name Voucher Code Expiry Date
Global Voucher Code 02E0E-D91F2-D4C15-AB11E-45DBC Release Date of Cscape 10
Bootloader Firmware Bootloader Guide Demo Video SD Card Formatter
Download Download Download Click Here

XL+ Firmware Restore Manual Download

Firmware Update Manual Download

Unit Firmware Version CsCAN/CANopen Size Release Note
X2 Version 15.56 801 KB Download
X4 Version 15.82 1.4 MB Download
X5 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 27.1/27.1MB Download
X7 Version 15.82 1.4 MB Download
X10 Version 15.82 1.4 MB Download
Unit Firmware Version CsCAN/CANopen Size Release Note
3rd Gen XLT/XLTe Version 17.06 1.3MB Download
XL+ Version 15.60 266MB Download
XLEe/XLTe Version 15.60 /CANopen Version 15.60 2.33MB Download
XLE/XLT Version 15.56 /CANopen Version 15.56 2.04MB/1.52MB Download
XL4 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 29/28.17MB Download
XL7 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 29/28.37MB Download
EXL6 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 29/28.31MB Download
EXLW Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 29/28.36MB Download
EXL10 Version 15.64 (Dual Port CsCAN/CANopen) 29MB Download
XL6/XL6e/XL6m/XL10e Version 14.08 /CANopen Version 14.08 4.1/3.2MB Download
1st Gen XLE/XLT Version 14.18 /CANopen Version 14.08 2.7MB Download

*Next generation XLE/T start with serial numbers 20000 for XLT gen3 and 2000 for XLTe gen 3

Please Note: The XL Prime Firmware is one download for all XL Prime Family Models

Version Download Link Release Notes
FW 16.32 Release Version 16.32 Download Supported S/W is V9.90 SP8





Supplemental Downloads
Firmware Update Manual
Prime Series
Unit Firmware Version Size Release Note
Canvas Series Version 17.00 6.5MB Download
Unit Firmware Version CsCAN/CANopen Size Release Note
RCC972 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 27.63/27.62MB Download
RCC8842 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 27.62/27.64MB Download
RCC1410 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 27.62/27.62MB Download
RCC2414 Version 15.64 /CANopen Version 15.64 27.64/27.66MB Download
Unit Firmware Version CsCAN/CANopen Size Release Note
ZX Version 15.02 (Dual Port CsCAN/CANopen) 9.4MB Download
NX Version 14.08 /CANopen Version 14.08 9.3/4.9MB Download
CANopen EDS files CANopen EDS 180KB
Unit Firmware Version Size
All units Version 11.42 37.3MB
LX Version 12.40 0.5MB
QX371/RX371/QX501 Version 14.08 /Version 14.08 2.3/1.2MB
RCX Version 14.08 1.1MB
QX541/QX551/QX651/QX751 Version 11.42 /CANopen Version 14.08 6.5/3.5MB