SPS 2019 Product Overview

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Horner – 2020 Vision

As we head towards 2020, we’re very excited to be showcasing our products once again at SPS2019 in Nuremberg; the international exhibition for industrial automation and the annual highlight of the automation industry. We’re very proud to be featuring our new solutions that will be released in the middle of 2020.

Micro Series 4” & 7” Colour Touch Screens

The Micro Series is the entry level of our range of OCS controllers with an on Board complement of I/O that supports many Applications with the Integrated HMI and Networking straight out of the box.

~ Performance at a New Price point

~ Capable I/O

~ Highly Viewable Colour Screen

Portrait Versions of Micro Series and XL7 

In response to strong demand, we have released some of our most popular OCS models in Portrait mode. These are ideal for building automation along with many other applications.

  • X4 and X7 available in Portrait mode
  • Providing the popular XL7 in Portrait mode

XL6 Wide – A New Widescreen Version of the XL6

Ethernet, Can and XL I/O together in Widescreen format

The launch of the XL6 Widescreen moves some of our widescreen capabilities from the XL7 to the more affordable redesigned XL6 – providing a cost reduced  widescreen option.

OCS I/O – a new Remote Slice I/O

Flexible I/O Solutions

Get the I/O you need is small, flexible slices. This simple scalable solution available in Europe’s most popular I/O style with typical Horner ease of use

  • Simple scalable solution
  • Wide and flexible range of I/O Modules
  • Designed and Manufactured by Horner


The Horner Wi-Fi adapter provides both client and access point support to OCS units that support USB Host connections. As an access point, the Wi-Fi can be used to connect laptops for programming or phones and tablets for WebMI. Using client mode, the OCS can connect to an established Wi-Fi network and support any of the Ethernet protocols supported by the OCS, including FTP and Modbus.

  • Connect to your OCS from its own WIFI Server
  • Ideal for a secure WEBMI Application
  • Connect your OCS to a Wireless network In Client mode
  • Provides wireless remote access and programming – Designed by Horner