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All-in-one Controller

Control, user interface, I / O and networking options in a single compact unit.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor and control system data from the palm of your hand with Horner WebMI.

Communication Options

Our controls support a variety of protocols and interfaces.

Local Support

Thanks to our numerous sales partners across Europe, your support is never far away.

Horner Automation

Horner Automation Group develops, builds and markets a wide range of industrial all-in-one controls, consisting of programmable HMI, I / O, software and peripheral devices for the industrial, process control, renewable energy markets. and building automation.


Our Scandinavian Partners

Sweden & Finland




Horner Automation Group Scandinavia, based in Stockholm, Sweden serves as your support for both Sweden and Finland. Horner are global leaders in the design and manufacture of factory automation control products. We design, build, and market a wide array of industrial All-in-One controllers.

Kotek serves as your support for Norway. Our experience stretches back over 25 years with broad experience in control technology. Kotek Norway aims to be at the forefront when it comes to competence and availability in the control and regulation of electric motors.

Process Automation AS also serves as your support in Norway. We began business in 1989 with applications in the fishmeal industry. In 1998, our focus was on the areas of ventilation / energy saving and water and drainage. Since then,  we have had applications in the areas of electrical panels, automation panels, instruments, in addition to sales and programming of self-imported Horner PLCs.

PBL Teknik APS serves as your support for Denmark. We are an authorized electrical installation and automation business within electrical installations, building and industrial automation, including control, regulation and monitoring systems from fabrication to administration.


Water Dispersal Control

Pump Control

Pump Control

Water treatment has become a very popular market in which the control of pumping stations has emerged as the main task. Thanks to the eXL6, the data can be captured efficiently with a single control. The eXL6 with its 5.7 ” color touchscreen offers both user-friendly navigation and a complete control solution. Communication takes place via the RS485 Modbus RTU protocol with our high-resolution SmartMod input modules.

Water dispersal control

This project included the modernization of an automatic water system and the installation of a modern energy cabinet with a new control system based on the compact and powerful XLE from Horner.

The system is inexpensive and easy to use, and also offers many interface options that any recipe and / or management system can process.

Our products


The XL4 has the same compact 1/4 DIN form factor as our popular XLE and XLT controllers and also offers a 4 “color LCD TFT display with QVGA resolution.


The X10 is the fourth product in our range of Micro OCS I / O controllers and can be seamlessly integrated into your system. All devices have an integrated logic engine, operator interfaces, networking and I / O.


With the X7 OCS controller, our engineers have developed a slim, versatile and complementary product to our existing product line of robust industrial solutions.


The XLTe is part of the XL series and offers a compact design thanks to its standard quarter-DIN cutout (92x92mm). The XLTe also comes with advanced hardware that provides full on-board Ethernet 10/100 Mb support.

Solutions for industrial,
process and building automation

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