CANopen Based Slice I/O

SmartMod+ expandable I/O supporting CANopen communication protocol.

  • Traditional slice type I/O
  • The CANopen communication protocol allows direct interface with any X-Series OCS or other OCS/RCS family controller
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Baud rate and ID Node configurable by dip-switches
  • Data Transmission Baud rate up to 1 Mbps
  • A Selection of CANopen SmartMod+ I/O modules are available to choose from including:
    • DC In, DC Out
    • Analogue In
    • Relay
    • RTD 


SmartMod+ I/O is available to expand your OCS system and now supports the following communication protocols: Modbus TCP/IP, CANopen and Modbus RTU. SmartMod+ can cost effectively provide additional points of I/O to any solution and is a great choice for expanding X-Series OCS when one or more digital or analogue I/O are required. SmartMod+ I/O are so compact, they will fit in the smallest of spaces. The SmartMod+ range of remote I/O modules represent innovative solutions capable of satisfying the requirements of small to medium size automation systems, ideal for maximum performance and process reliability, enabling communication between multiple devices connected to the same network.


HE389RTD100 4 channel RTD input CANopen Slave device
HE389ADC107 4 channel voltage or current input CANopen Slave device
HE389THM100 4 channel thermocouple input CANopen Slave device
HE389DIQ512 12 channel, 8 isolated digital inputs, 4 relay outputs CANopen Slave device
HE389DIM610 16 Channel isolated digital Input CANopen Slave device
HE389DIQ516 16 Channel module, 8 isolated digital inputs, 8 digital outputs type PNP transistor CANopen Slave device

I/O Selection Guide

  DC In DC Out Relay Out mA In V In mA/V Out T/C RTD
HE389DIM610 16
HE389DIQ516 8 8
HE389DIQ512 8 4
HE389ADC107 4
HE389THM100 4
HE389RTD100 4


Technical Documentation (Requires Login/Registration)

SmartMod+ CANopen HE389RTD100 Datasheet Download
SmartMod+ CANopen HE389ADC107 Datasheet Download
SmartMod+ CANopen HE389THM100 Datasheet Download
SmartMod+ CANopen HE389DIQ512 Datasheet Download
SmartMod+ CANopen HE389DIM610 Datasheet Download
SmartMod+ CANopen HE389DIQ516 Datasheet Download