Profibus Card

Profibus Card

  • Transmission Rate from 9.6K to 12M bits/second
  • Up to 232 Bytes IN and OUT
  • Cycle Polling


The HE-XPBS is designed to provide Profibus communication support between a Profibus Master and an XL Series controller acting as a slave.
The add-on will make your XL Seriesunit visible on the existing  Profibus network and can be used as a gateway, local level PLC or entry-type unit.
This communications module is field installable. Kit includes all parts necessary for internal installation within the XL case, includign a deeper plastic back cover adapted for the profibus module.


Software Protocol DPV0
Hardware Interface RS-485
Power 100mA at 5V
Transmission Rate 9.6K – 12M bits/second
Data access Cycle Polling
Device Identity Specific ID number for each device
Data Transfer Size upto 232 bytes of input and 232 bytes of output
OCSes Supporting Profibus DP All variants of XLE,XLT,XL6 and XL6e Series
Cable Length
Baud Rate (Kbits/sec) 93.75 187.5 500 1500 2000
Length(meters) 1200 1000 400 200 100


Profibus DP Slave Module for XL Series Download
XL Series Profibus Communication Module Download
HAPG0C74 Download