Entrate ancora più a fondo nel mondo di Horner Automation, seguiteci mentre introduciamo nuovi prodotti, approfondiamo software e firmware, sveliamo i nostri aggiornamenti e molto altro.

In questo periodo vogliamo riuscire, per quanto possibile, a rimanere connessi ai nostri clienti. Per continuare ad essere con voi, organizzeremo dei Webinar per tenervi aggiornati.

Per tenervi al passo con le novità, assicuratevi di ricontrollare frequentemente questa pagina.

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Programming IEC - Advanced SFC7/7/202210:30am CEST30 minuti
OCS User Security The ability to manage appropriate access levels for multiple users is integral to effective user interface design for machine control. Join us as we demonstrate the facilities available in Cscape for configuring credentials, managing access, and monitoring log-ins.14/7/202210:30am CEST30 minuti
Updated OCS Bootloader Recovery Tools On rare occasions, things can go wrong during a field firmware update. In those situations, recovery is critical. In this session, we will demonstrate our recently updated Recovery Tools that can get you back up and running as soon as possible.21/7/202210:30am CEST30 minuti
Screen Organisation In Cscape The Horner family of OCS All-in-one controllers have always offered the capacity for a large number of user interface screens. Whether it is the Micro OCS with 250 screens or the XL Series with 1023 screens - more than likely your OCS model supports more than you need. However, if your application does require a large number of screens, how can you keep them organized? Join us this week as we show you the tools that can help you accomplish that.28/7/202210:30am CEST30 minuti

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