We are very pleased to introduce our new Ethernet based controllers, XLEe and XLTe.  They have the same specifications as XLE/XLT, but now come with full on-board Ethernet 10/100 Mb support.  The new XLEe and XLTe requires Cscape 9.80 and firmware version 15.10 or above which is now available to download from the Horner Distributor Centre.
  • XLEe and XLTe utilises the same cut-out and featues as the XLE/XLT, plus …
  • Full on-board 10/100 Mb Ethernet, no need for add on card.
  • Support for all current Ethernet based protocols
  • The added Ethernet is very advantageous, in that it now allows for remote accessibility without the need for an add-on Ethernet card.
Our new Ethernet based XLEe and XLTe Series Controllers set a New Cost Level for a Screen Based Ethernet OCS
XLEe and XLTe are now available to order, List Prices are now available in our 2018 Price List.