XLE Keeps Getting Better

The new improved XLE Series Controllers will fully replace the older models of XLE.  
They are expected to ship in volume during April when stocks of the old XLE are finished.

The new XLE are now available to order for evaluation purposes. 
New XLE requires Cscape 9.80 and Firmware 15.10 or above which is available to download from the 
Horner Distributor Centre.
  • Same cut-out as previous versions
  • Existing XLE Cscape programs will download and work as they did on the previous XLE.
  • PGM conversion utility is distributed with Cscape 9.80 and will convert old PGMs to work with the new XLEs.
  • Improved Logic Scan Rates and Real Time Clock
  • Support microSD up to 32GB
  • Mini USB B 2.0 port allowing for programming and data access. 
  • HSC Upgrade (500 kHz)
  • More processor memory, allowing for future expansion of features.
The XLE Series Controllers are dependable and robust.  Our goal is to provide products that can be trusted, products that are cost-effective and can be used across a wide range of applications.