Horner XL Prime Series

The NEW Horner XL Prime Series builds upon the existing success of our XL series – offering new and existing users alike performance upgrades and a highly secure, modern memory
architecture. This is accomplished with a new Horner designed System on Module (SOM) – containing a faster CPU, onboard mass storage and 100% non-volatile memory. The only battery is a small coin cell – simply tasked with maintaining the clock.

If you are a new automation designer looking for an innovative, reliable control solution – the XL Prime Series offers a fully integrated product in hardware and software. If you are an existing XL Series user – your current application program will port straight through in less than 30 seconds. In either case you can’t go wrong!


ALL-IN-ONE CONTROL – performs all machine functions in a unified hardware design; Logic Control, Operator Interface, I/O and Networking.

MODERN MEMORY ARCHITECTURE – based on a custom designed SOM (System on Module) utilizing a powerful ARM microprocessor and 100% nonvolatile
memory for reliability.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE LOGIC ENGINE – fast scan times solving user logic using Variable-based Advanced Ladder logic or the IEC 6-1131 language set.

ONLINE PROGRAMMING – make logic changes without stopping the controller.

HIGH-RESOLUTION COLOR TOUCHSCREEN – for detailed graphics and nearly instantaneous screen updates.

ADVANCED HIGH-SPEED COUNTER – four built-in counters supporting frequencies over 500 kHz.

INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET AND REMOTE CONTROL – Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP and BACnet IP; FTP file transfer, Email. WebMI* for web-based Remote Monitoring; Push data to the cloud with MQTT* Sparkplug. *WebMI/MQTT requires one-time license.

PLUG-AND-PLAY DATALOGGING – record machine and process variables to microSD or USB Flash Drive.

BUILT-IN I/O – Included in all models.

XL Prime Series Range

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