Watersystem, that dosages a batch of water in the right amount and temperature
Three inputs (cold-, hot- and net- water) and 1-3 outputs
High accuracy temperature sensors
PLC with many interface options, capable to handle any recipe and/or management system
Easy-to-use and cost effective system
Expandable in future

The Solution

Control system – XLT TouchScreen OCS (model XT240C115)
Temperature sensors – onboard PT100 inputs
Water measurement – onboard High Speed Counter
Accuracy – 14bit analogue inputs, 12bit analogue outputs
Digital Outputs (max 12) for handling output valves
Communication options – Modbus or many other RS-232/485 protocols, Ethernet, CAN Open, GPRS.


Industry: Food Processing (Bakery)

Integrator & Manufacturer

W&K Automation GmbH
Vogelsanger Str. 356-358; 50827 Köln, Germany