The X Series is now the MICRO OCS Series

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In order to reflect the power of our entry level OCS Controllers we have branded the X2, X4 and X7 as the Micro Series. They are the entry level of our range of OCS controllers with an on Board complement of I/O that supports many Applications with the Integrated HMI and Networking straight out of the box :-


  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase overall productivity

Building Automation

  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Economical operation systems

Material Handling

  • Minimize HMI inefficiencies
  • Track/log/catalog data

Renewable Energy

  • Data logging, remote access
  • Sunlight and UV protection

Water/Wastewater Station

  • pump control
  • Remote water well controls

The Micro Series also supports many other applications including Special Purpose Machinery in a single product.

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