Textile Dye Machine


Textile Processing

DaTexpro AB
Boras, Sweden

Accurate temperature control is crucial for many applications including those used in the Textile industry. In the Dye Machine application described here, simple ON/OFF control isn’t enough. There is a need for accurate temperature profiling. This is where the XLT with its fast response time and advanced math operations fits perfectly.

Temperature profile can be modified, saved and used again. Any XL series OCS unit provides significant amount of internal memory which makes this task easy.

The Touch Screen offers user friendly navigation and high visibility (with contrast adjustment) which guarantees ease of use.






  • Fully automated temperature control system with wide range of input and ramp control
  • Touch screen operator display
  • Possibility of storing multiple ‘control programs’ in the OCS memory
  • Easy way of Alarm Handling
  • Price effectiveness


  • OCS Control system – XLT with thermocouple inputs (model HEXT240C115). Touch screen and navigation keys for easy editing, monitoring and menu navigation
  • Temperature control – 14bit resolution built-in thermocouple inputs
  • Almost 10000 internal %R registers for temperature program storage
  • Alarm Handling – easy to use Alarm handler embedded in Cscape software package