7” Remote Display with Horner CPU300 & OCS I/O

In this presentation we present the Horner OCS I/O, this time, connected to the Horner CPU 300 which is a mid-range PLC with inbuilt I/O. I/O can be expanded further by using the various models of slice I/O modules from our OCS I/O range.

The CPU 300 has an FPD connector which allows it to connect to an economical remote display up to 25 meters away. The graphics are provided from the CPU 300 and displayed on the remote screen. As well as processing by the mid-range CPU, it also provides our latest enhanced graphics.

Tap on the demo on the remote screen to see more information on the Canvas graphics features and the OCS I/O in action.

The OCS I/O modules are totally hot-swappable. Users can remove and add modules from the base as required with ease.

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