• Applications

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  • Expansion & Remote I/O

    Expansion & Remote I/O (9)

    Our controllers are not limited to their on-board I/O, we offer local expansion and remote I/O to expand the I/O capacity of your OCS controller. With a wide range of communication options, there is no limitation to your automation application.

  • Integrated HMI and PLC with I/O

    Integrated HMI and PLC with I/O (27)

    Our range of all-in-one controllers combine a controller, operator interface, I/O and networking into a single compact unit, programmed using our fully integrated Cscape configruation software. Our OCS controllers use a dependable, proprietary, real-time operating system, saving you valuable time and money. Ranging from small text based screens to large colour touchscreens, we offer an all in one solution for your automation application.

  • Legacy

    Legacy (9)

    The products in this section have either been upgraded to a new product or have become obsolete. They are not available to order.

    However we continue to provide documentation and technical support for these products. Please contact Technical Support with any queries.

  • Plug in communications and IO cards

    Plug in communications and IO cards (3)

  • Software

    Software (7)

    Our software products help to integrate the entire control package. Ranging from our free configuration software to our remote monitoring and control software, we offer everything to enhance your automation application.