Colour TFT Touchscreen with I/O, Serial Ports, CANBus and full Ethernet – All in One Product.

  • Logic engine features 1MB of application memory with a 0.02mS/K logic scan. Online Programming Mode (making logic changes on the fly without going thru stop mode) is supported. Operator Interface features include:
    • 800×480 LCD TFT color graphics display with a high resolution resistive touchscreen
    • USB 2.0 On-the-Go port (mini-B 5pin) is available for programming
    • USB 2.0 Host port (A) is available for exchanging files with USB FLASH drives
    • Two (2) RS-232 and one (1) RS-485 port support RTU/Modbus Master/Slave, ASCII In/Out, and PLC/Drive downloadable protocols

    Networking features include:

    • Built-in 10/100 Ethernet port
    • Integrated CsCAN port

    All units feature a microSD slot, supporting at least 32GB.



The XLW  Prime All-in-One controller with a built-in VGA TFT colour touchscreen, built-in I/O, networking options, removable Micro SD Card and USB ports.  It’s programmable by Horner APG’s industry recognised Cscape software and can control a wide range of different processes and machines from small to medium applications.  The XLW Prime comes fully equipped with 100Mbps Ethernet built into every model.  No additional Ethernet add-ons or accessories are needed. The XLW Prime Ethernet support includes an integrated Web Server, FTP Host, Email, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, Programming and more.

The XLW  Prime includes both a USB Host port and a USB On-the-go Port – each at USB 2.0 speeds (480Mbps).  The Host Port allows connection of removable FLASH drives, supporting drives up to 2TB.  The On-the-go Port provides the fastest communications interface for Programme Change on Line (Online Change).  The eXLW I/O expansion is not limited to its Built-in I/O.


Logic Scan Rate 0.013 mS/K
Ladder Logic Memory 1 MB
Removable Memory 32GB microSD
Retentive Storage FRAM (memory) – No Dependence on Batteries for Program Retention or Variable Retention
Floating Point Support Yes
Auto Tune PID Capable Yes
Programming Languages Advanced Ladder or IEC: ST, LD, FBD, IL, SFC
Display Technology Full Colour TFT Touchscreen Display
Resolution / Colour 800×480, Full Colour
Keypad 6 Physical Keys and Pop-up Keypad
User-Programming Screens 1023 maximum 1023 0bjects per page
Backlight LED
OEM Faceplate Available Yes
Serial Ports 3 Ports (1 RS-232 & 1 RS-485 on first Modular Jack (MJ1/2), 1 RS-232 or RS-485 on second Modular Jack (MJ3))
USB Ports (A and Mini-B USB 2.0 for USB FLASH Drives (2TB), USB 2.0 Programming & Data Access
CAN 1 Port 125Kb – 1Mb
Ethernet Support 10/100 Support w/Auto MDXI Support
Remote Access via EnvisionRV
Remote File Access via EnvisionFX
Primary Power Range 10-30VDC
Operating Temperature -10˚ to 60˚ C
Humidity (non-condensing) 5 to 95% Non-Condensing
Environmental Ratings IP65, UL Type 3R, 4, 4x, 12, 12k, 13
Height (mm/in) 143.8 / 5.66
Width (mm/in) 186.08 / 7.34
Depth (mm/in) 46.62 / 1.84
Weight (kg/oz) 0.751 / 26.5


XLW Prime Sales sheet Download
XL Prime Series Accordion Brochure Download
XL Prime Series Presentation Download
Technical Documentation (Requires Login/Registration)
XLW Prime User Manual Download
XLW Prime Model 0 Datasheet Download
XLW Prime Model 2 Datasheet Download
XLW Prime Model 3 Datasheet Download
XLW Prime Model 4 Datasheet Download
XLW Prime Model 5 Datasheet Download
XLW Prime Model 6 Datasheet Download

On-Board I/O

Selection Table

Model DC In DC Out Relays HS In HS Out mA/V In mA/V RTD/T mA/V Out
HEXP381C112 12 6 4 4
HEXP381C113 12 12 4 2 2
HEXP381C114 24 16 4 2 2
HEXP381C115 12 12 4 2 2 2
HEXP381C116 12 12 4 2 6 4

There are 4 high-speed inputs of the total DC Inputs. There are 2 high-speed outputs of the total DC outputs. Model 2, 3 & 4 feature 12-bit Analogue I/O. Model 5 features 14/16-bit Analogue I/O. High-speed Outputs can be used for PWM and Pulse Train Outputs, currently limited to <65 kHz. Model 6 Features a 14/17 bit Analogue I/O.


Number of Counters 2
Maximum Frequency 500 kHz each
Accumulator Size 32-bits each
Modes Supported Totalizer, quadrature, pulse measurement, frequency measurement, set-point controlled outputs
Modes Supported Stepper, PWM
I/O Support
Build in I/O Yes
SmartStack I/O Yes via CsCAN
SmartStix I/O Yes via CsCAN
SmartMod I/O Yes via Modbus Serial
FOX Expansion I/O No

Built-In Expansion I/O



XDAC 2 channel analog output I/O option kit






XDAC 4 channel analog output I/O option kit



add on interface



Add-on Interface Kits

Remote I/O

Ethernet Based I/O
CsCAN Based I/O
CANopen Based I/O
Modbus RTU Based I/O


Integrated CAN Networks 1
Supported CAN Networks CsCAN, CANopen, DeviceNet Master, J1939
Supported Ethernet Protocols TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, FTP, SRTP, EGD, ICMP, ASCII

NTP (Network Time Protocol) allowing synchronisation of internet based Horner controllers to a centralised web based time server

WebMI Published directly from the Horner Controller, WebMI allows plant data to be monitored and controlled from your computer, tablet or other mobile device


CE Certified Download
ROHS & WEEE Compliance statement – July 01,2018 Download
UL Certification Download