XLE – 2.2″ Monochrome

2.2” Transflective LCD Monochrome display with built-in I/O.

  • 2.2” Monochrome Transflective LCD Display
  • Logic Scan Rates – 0.7ms/k Logic
  • Real Time Clock (± 90 secs/month)
  • Mini USB B 2.0, Programming
  • HSC Upgrade (500 kHz)
  • Operating Temperature range -10 to +60 °C
  • PWM: Models 2,3,4 & 5 – 10 Khz and Model 6 – 65 Khz
  • High Capacity MicroSD Slot (support for up to 32GB)
  • GPRS and 3G Modem Support
  • CAN Protocols – CsCAN, CANopen, DeviceNet and J1939
  • 6 Models available, 5 with varying I/O 1 model without I/O


XLE is an introductory XL-Series product, it’s compact physical design utilises a standard quarter DIN (92x92mm) cut-out.  The XLE all-in-one controller has a 128×64 2.2” Transflective LCD display.  It supports full monochrome graphics capabilities.  XLE offers a choice of flexible I/O configurations with six unique models to choose from (five optional models with built-in I/O and one without I/O), all of which include high speed counting capabilities (except for the Model 0, no I/O version).  If the built-in I/O of the XLE isn’t enough for your specific application, it can be extended with any of our SmartStix, SmartRail SmartMod and SmartMod+ remote I/O modules.  Two serial ports support simultaneous protocols giving the ability to connect to variety of serial devices.

The XLE utilises a sunlight readable backlit screen and physical keys for buttons. XLE offers benefits such as, datalogging, Real Time Clock and multi-language support (custom fonts for different languages, symbols, etc.)


Logic Scan Rate 0.7 mS/K
Built-In Storage 16Mb
Removable Memory 32GB microSD
Retentive Storage 32K Battery-Backed Ram
Floating Point Support Yes
Auto Tune PID Capable Yes
Programming Languages Advanced Ladder or IEC: ST, LD, FBD, IL, SFC
Display Technology 2.2” Transflective LCD
Resolution / Colour 128 x 64, Monochrome
Keypad 20 Key Domed Membrane
User-Programming Screens 1023 maximum 50 0bjects per page
Backlight LED
OEM Faceplate Available Yes
Serial Ports 2 Ports with RS-232 and RS-485
USB Ports (Mini-B) 1 Programming
CAN 1 Port 125Kb – 1Mb
Remote Access via EnvisionRV
Remote File Access via EnvisionFX
Primary Power Range 10-30VDC
Power 1-5W (depending on model/configuration)
Operating Temperature -10˚ to 60˚ C
Humidity (non-condensing) 5 to 95% Non-Condensing
Environmental Ratings IP65, UL Type 3R, 4, 4x, 12, 12k, 13
Height (mm / in) 96.0 / 3.7″
Width (mm/in) 96.0 / 3.7″
Depth (mm/in) 63.9 / 2.5”
Weight (kg/oz) 0.354 / 12.5


XLE Sales Sheet Download
Technical Documentation (Requires Login/Registration)
XLE User Manual Download
Model 0 Datasheet Download
Model 2 Datasheet Download
Model 3 Datasheet Download
Model 4 Datasheet Download
Model 5 Datasheet Download
Model 6 Datasheet Download

On-Board I/O

Selection Table

Model DC In DC Out Relays HS In HS Out mA/V In mA/V RTD/T mA/V Out
HEXE220C112 12 6 4 4
HEXE220C113 12 12 4 2 2
HEXE220C114 24 16 4 2 2
HEXE220C115 12 12 4 2 2 2
HEXE220C116 12 12 4 2 6 4

There are 4 high-speed inputs of the total DC Inputs. There are 2 high-speed outputs of the total DC outputs. Model 2, 3 & 4 feature 12-bit Analogue Inputs. Model 5 features 14/16-bit Analogue Inputs. High-speed Outputs can be used for PWM and Pulse Train Outputs, currently limited to <10kHz. (Model 6 limited to <65kHz). Model 6 features a 16-bit Analogue Input.


Number of Counters 4
Maximum Frequency 500 kHz each
Accumulator Size 32-bits each
Modes Supported Totalizer, quadrature, pulse measurement, frequency measurement, set-point controllled outputs
Modes Supported Stepper, PWM
HE-XDAC007 2-channel Analogue Out (mA/V)
HE-XDAC107 4-channel Analogue Out (mA/V)
HE-XHSQ 24V Dual High-Speed Output
HE-XHSQ-5 5V Dual High-Speed Output

Built-In Expansion I/O



XDAC 2 channel analog output I/O option kit






XDAC 4 channel analog output I/O option kit







GPRS / 3G Modems






Profibus Card




add on interface



Add-on Interface Kits

Remote I/O

Remote I/O available for this product includes:

CsCAN Based I/O
CANopen Based I/O
Modbus RTU Based I/O


Integrated CAN Networks 1
Supported CAN Networks CsCAN, CANopen, DeviceNet Master, SAE J1939
Profibus Comms Support HE-XPBS Profibus DP Slave add-on card

Comms support for a Profibus master and an XL Series controller acting as slave


Communication Options

HE-XPBS Profibus DP Slave
GPRS/GSM/3G Modems
HE-200GPS183 GPS Receiver
HE-XMC 57.6k Telephone Modem


CE Certified Download
ROHS & WEEE Compliance statement – July 01,2018 Download
UL Certification Download