Our OCS product integrates the PLC and HMI in One Product. But there are times when the customer also requires a more traditional approach. RCX is the only X-series product that does not include a display, yet keeps all the benefits of an Ethernet enabled OCS.

  • constructed with a plastic chassis and supports Plastic SmartStack I/O for local I/O (up to 4 modules)
  • logic engine supports 16k / 256k logic, scanned at 0.2mS/K, with 32Kb of register memory and a Start/Stop pushbutton
  • features a MicroSD memory slot, one RS-232 port, one RS-485 port, one CsCAN port and a full 10/100 Ethernet port (HECX251 only)
  • the Ethernet port supports HTTP web serving, FTP file transfers, SmartRail Ethernet I/O, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, EGD and more
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The RCX has a ladder-based control engine that is powered by processor with 256KB logic memory. This processor provides speed comparable to most mid-sized PLCs and is exactly the same as used in the XL6 family.


Because of the multiple ports on the RCX, it is capable of handling all Horner I/O expansions including: SmartStack, SmartRail (built-in Ethernet Port), SmartStix and SmartBlock (CsCAN port) & SmartMod (Modbus serial).

The SmartStack I/O expansion system allows the RCX to use both digital and analog I/O boards. Up to 4 I/O boards may be stacked onto a single RCX unit, giving you flexibility with various I/O combinations. Together with Ethernet, CAN and Serial I/O capabilities RCX can use all I/O combinations possible.


Designed to be used with or without a seperate operator interface. Horner offers its TIU Range (or another OCS with a display) that can be easily configured to communicate with the RCX.


Cscape software provides graphical ladder diagram programming (IEC-1131 compliant) . Design engineers and end users will enjoy reduced development time with a straightforward approach to programming that integrates logic, and networking into a single solution operating in the Windows environments.

  • Floating Point Math
  • Motion Commands
  • Serial Read and Write Commands
  • and more


RCX (HECX116 and HECX251)

Logic Scan Time 0.2ms/k of logic
Controller Functions
Built In Logic Controller Yes
Relay Ladder Logic Programming Yes
PID AutoTuning Yes
Serial Read/Write Yes
Motion Commands Yes
Floating Point Math Yes
Serial Ports (RS-232) One
Serial Ports (RS-232/RS-485) One
Modbus RTU Master/Slave Yes
Ethernet No Yes (CX251)
Logic Memory 16kB 256 kB (CX251)
Register Memory 32 kB
Mass Memory MicroSD (up to 2GB)
Hardware Specifications
Operating Voltage 10 to 30VDC
Specifications Smart Stack I/O Compatible Yes
Real Time Clock Yes
Environmental and Agency Standards
Temperature Range (Operating/Storage) -10 to 60C
Humidity (Non Condensing) 5 to 95%
NEMA 4/12 IP 65 Yes
Physical Specifications
Physical Dimensions 161.7mm (6.37”) tall x 108.2mm (4.26”) wide x 31.4mm (1.23”) deep – SmartStack adds depth
Single SmartStack depth 21mm (0.83”)
Communications Options Ethernet (HECX251 only)
Speed 10/100
Number of Drops Unlimited
Distance Unlimited
Programming over network Yes
Peer to Peer Yes
Global Data Yes
Data Grams Yes
Ethernet Global Data Yes
Modbus RTU Master/Slave Yes


Technical Documentation(Requires Login/Registration)
RCX Datasheet Download

Remote I/O

Remote I/O available for this product includes:

CsCAN Based I/O
Modbus RTU Based I/O


A benefit of the RCX is that it can connect to other Horner devices that use our CAN based protocol CsCAN (majority of products). This leaves the other communication ports (Ethernet and 2 serial ports) free to communicate with a device of your choice.

Communication Options

HE-200GPS183 GPS Receiver


CE Certified Download
UL Certification Download