NX Controller

  • All NX Series OCS Units feature an integrated Operator Interface and Control Engine.
  • NX Series OCS also support downloadable PLC/Drive Communications Protocols and a CompactFLASH slot.
  • NX Series OCS come standard with a variety of Networking and I/O Interfaces.
  • CsCAN is standard for networking and SmartStix I/O Support.
  • Up to 4 SmartStack I/O modules are supported through Plastic SmartStack Modules (metal SmartStack modules are NOT supported).
  • 128×64 or 240×128 LCD screen.
  • Configurable function keys.
  • Two serial ports plus optional CAN port.
  • Standard CompactFlash support.
  • Optional Ethernet port.
  • Supports SmartStack and SmartMod I/O.
  • Supports SmartStix I/O which may be mounted up to 1.5km (6000 ft) from the unit.
  • Fully compatible with Cscape/Cbreeze software that configures all logic, display, I/O and networking functions.
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NX range offers exceptional value for money. Available in two screen sizes (128×64 and 240×128) with an optional touch screen it has full monochrome graphics capabilities and supports all of our I/O systems (SmartStack, SmartStix, SmartMod) at the same time. This I/O capability coupled with the dual protocol capabilities, Ethernet and Fieldbus support, makes the NX a fantastic systems gateway.

Depending on your application needs the NX offers incredible power for a good price. The OCS with its full IEC61131-3 integrated development environment for logic, HMI design, networking and I/O configuration is a very capable PLC with full graphics capability.

The operator interface used in the NX series is a high visibility graphics monchrome LC-Display with green adjustable backlight offering excellent readability to the user in the most difficult conditions.


Specification NX220 NX221 NX 250 NX251
Application Programming Environment Cscape (ladder logic plus screen development) or IEC-61131 Programming languages
Web Server No Yes No Yes
Ladder Logic Memory 256kB 256kB 256kB 256kB
Register (Reference) Memory 32kB 32kB 32kB 32kB
Logic Scan Rate                                               0.1ms/k (typical)*
CompactFLASH Yes Yes Yes Yes
Display Technology                                                  Backlit LCD
Display Size 128 x 64 128 x 64 240 x 128 240 x 128
Function Keys with LEDs (Soft Keys) 10(4) 10(4) 10(8) 10(8)
Application Memory (Graphics) 1MB 1MB 1MB 1MB
I/O Supported (Number I/O) SmartStack Snap-on I/O** and SmartStix Remote I/O (4096 digital, 1024 analog)
FOX Fiber Optic I/O Supported Yes Yes Yes Yes
Networking                 CAN and 2 Serial Ports (each RS-232 or RS-485)
Embedded Ethernet No Yes No Yes
Supports PLC/Drive Protocols Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Total ladder scan is impacted by several factors – logic, I/O, screen and communication
** NX models require plastic SmartStack modules if snapped-on back.

Physical Specifications
Height(mm/in) 163.44/6.44″
Width(mm/in) 230.55/9.07″
Depth(mm/in) 61.5/2.42″


NX Sales Sheet Download
Technical Documentation(Requires Login/Registration)
User Manual Download
NX Series Datasheet Download
NX Clips Accessories Guide Download

Remote I/O

Remote I/O available for this product includes:

CsCAN Based I/O
Modbus RTU Based I/O


Integrated CAN Networks 1
Supported CAN Networks CsCAN, CANopen, DeviceNet Master
Supported Ethernet Protocols TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, FTP, SRTP, EGD, ICMP, ASCII

Communication Options

HE-200GPS183 GPS Receiver


CE Certified Download
UL Certification Download