Remote Viewing Software


Remote Viewing Software

Envision RV is a remote viewing software application, which allows the user to view and monitor their Horner OCS remotely.

  • Real-time connectivity to OCS
  • 3 levels of security per screen
  • Transfer a project from Cscape to EnvisionRV
  • EnvisionRV’s project utility allows you to easily organise device files
  • User selectable dockable or floating tool bars
  • Import Cscape .pgm files
  • Use Cscape to configure data logging exactly like an OCS
  • Alarms can be configured on the PC just as they are on the OCS


EnvisionRV (Remote View) is a low-cost, powerful Windows® based software application that will allow you to view and access remote Horner OCS controllers via a PC.

With EnvisionRV, graphical objects look and behave the same on the PC as they do on the OCS. This feature reduces training costs and can significantly speed up your implementations.

EnvisionRV uses the Horner CsCAN protocol to transfer data, giving you the flexibility to support various communications options including: Ethernet, serial, wireless, telephone, CAN and cellular. With CsCAN you can easily connect EnvisionRV to a single unit on a CsCAN network and transfer data to/from any OCS device on the network seamlessly.


Technical Documentation (Requires Login/Registration)

This is the full version of Remote Viewing software. Once installed, user has a four day (96hr) demo licence. After 4 days the software will be disabled and the registration code will be needed.

Envision RV 4.80 Download
Envision RV 4.80 Release Notes Download
Quick_Start_for_Cscape_EnvisionRV Download
English version of Envision RV flyer in popular pdf format Download
Frequently Asked Questions about Envision RV Download