Cscape 10

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Cscape 10

Horner’s Free of Charge Intuitive Programming and HMI Design Software. For all users of our Micro, XL, Prime Series and the Canvas Series Controllers.



Cscape 10 features a redesigned user interface and among its dozens of improvements includes the newly developed Advanced Graphics Engine. This Advanced Graphics Engine supports several graphic building blocks for user interface design that have been reimagined from the ground-up. These include (but are not limited to) Trend, XY Graph and Scatter Graph objects, a Recipe object, Alarm objects and a Video playback object.


What version of Cscape do I need?

What version of Cscape do I need?

Cscape 10 is a major new release that offers a variety of significant enhancements to the User Interface, Logic and Screen development.  These advancements can be realised by any OCS user utilising any current Horner OCS platform.

In addition – Cscape 10 contains a large number of exclusive features for the new Canvas line of All-in-one Controllers.  This is especially true as it relates to the Canvas Advanced Graphics engine – where several screen development tools and graphics objects have been re-imagined from the ground up.

For Canvas users, Cscape 10 is required.  We invite non-Canvas OCS users to transition to Cscape 10 on their desired schedule – proceeding as is customary with any major software release prior to its deployment in the field.

For some time, both versions (Cscape 9.9 and Cscape 10) will be available as current releases on the Horner Automation website.  This will allow customers the flexibility to utilise the version that best meets their needs during this transition period.



Cscape 10 (Requires Login/Registration)

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What’s New in Cscape™ 10

Cscape 10 Enhancements


User Interface Upgrades
• Ribbon Bar
• Editing in Tabs
• Graphics Toolbox
• Ladder Graphics
• Combined Settings
• Backup Improvements
• New File Wizard
• Project Navigator Updates

Graphic Object Upgrades
• Background Selection
• Slide & Rotary Objects
• Data & Indicator Objects
• Menu & Recipe Objects
• Trend & Graph Objects
• Switch & Selector Objects
• WebMI Plus
• Extensive Symbol Library
• Video Object and more!

Micro, XL and Prime Series New Features in Cscape 10:

  • Updated User Interface – editing screens within a tab
    • New graphics toolbox
    • Visibility schemes / colorization options
    • Automatic backup saves for programs
    • Updated Project Navigator
    • New file creation wizard to choose model, programming language,
    or type of program
    • All new clipart library (not replacing Symbols) that provides a
    number of images for various applications.
    • PNG & GIF image support
    • Project Navigator enhancements
    • Updated variable mapping to be more seamless

Canvas Series Cscape 10 Additional Features:

  • Gesture and Keyboard/Mouse support
    • Change F-key slide out position (top, bottom, left side, right side)
    • Background selection on most objects
    • Updated objects across the board – buttons, indicators, data fields,
    switches, etc.
    • Big improvements in graphs/trend objects, alarm objects, recipes,
    videos, modernized system menu, and much more.
    • Improved download speeds, especially for ethernet