2 Channel Analog Output I/O Option Kit

XDAC – 2 Channel Analog Output I/O Option Kit


Two channel Analog Output I/O option kit, selectable 0-10V, +/-10V, 4-20mA.


  • Applying this add-on still leaves both serial ports available for the user.
  • The kit includes all parts necessary for internal installation within the XL case, including a deeper plastic back cover adapted for the I/O module.
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For compatibility with I/O model 100 (Part number ends in 0), the HE-XKIT accessory is also required.

Due to mechanical interference, for compatibility with I/O models 104 & 105 (Part number ends in 4 or 5), the HE-XKIT45 is also required.

Currently available:

  • 2 channel & 4 channel Analog Output Module (HE-XDAC007 & HE-XDAC107)

All XL series models without I/O card on board (all 100 & 200 models) will support this add-on when the Add-on Interface kit is purchased.

When used with the XL series models 4 and 5 (X14 or X15) the add-on I/O cards require the use of the alternative 13-pin connector supplied in this Add-on Interface HE-XKIT45.


Number of Channels 2 Channels(HE-XDAC007) 4 Channels(HE-XDAC107)
Installation Location XL I/O COM option slot(no serial port used)
Output Ranges 0-10VDC
-10- +10V
Safe input voltage range -0.5V to +12V
Output Impedance(Clamped @ -0.5V to +12V) Current Mode 100Ω | Voltage mode 500kΩ
Nominal Resolution 12 Bits
%AQ Full Scale 32,000 Counts
MAX Over-Current 35mA
Conversion Speed All channels converted once per ladder scan
MAX Error at 25°C(excluding zero)*(0.25%) with the digital filter setting at 3. 4-20mA (1.00%)
0-20mA (1.00%)
0-10VDC (1.50%*)
Filtering 160Hz hash(noise) filter 1-128 scan digital running average filter


Technical Documentation(Requires Login/Registration)
User Manual HE-XDAC007 & HE-XDAC107 Download