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Your Trusted OEM Partner

For over 30 years the name “Horner” has become synonymous with OEM Partners and users alike for simplifying the automation task.

Whether updating a machine program in the field, configuring I/O or conducting accurate temperature measurement – Horner has the answer and follows our Philosophy of “Automation made Simple” .

Discover the advantages of OCS…

By combining a controller, operator interface, I/O and networking into a single compact unit, OCS (Operator Control Station) provides a better solution for original equipment manufacturers, integrators and end-users alike. More and more, there is a move to all-in-one controllers because of ease of use, cost savings and flexibility.

Since 1998, OCS has led the way in this emerging market with the largest installed base and product selection ranging from small text based screens to large colour touchscreens. OCS has been used successfully in a variety of applications, including:

Custom OEM products
Power Management and Backup Generation
Semiconductor Applications
Packaging Machinery
Water Treatment
Compressor Control
Pump Control
Food Processing

Motion Control
Distributed Conveyor Control
HVAC/Environmental Control
Mobile Machinery
Automotive Parts Manufacturing
Renewable Energy
Building Controls
Energy Montoring and Control

Lowers costs, more options and easy to use

OCS applications are developed with a powerful and secure programming package called Cscape™. It supports logic programming, operator interface development, I/O configuration and network configuration in a single software package.
Offering many security features, users can be required to enter passwords to access protected operations (such as upload, download, verify and controller mode).
Cscape™ can be downloaded free. It has no costly licensing fees so you don’t have to pay for software upgrades. With fully integrated hardware and software, OCS offers easier programming, installation, development and set-up.
You can also save time and money with an OCS because less panel space is needed. It is designed as a modular system for easy selection and growth and it has embedded CAN, ethernet and Modbus RTU networking capabilities.

Customise the OCS to your specific needs

OCS is designed to look like a “generic” operator station, fitting in with most cabinet and console designs and colour schemes. But sometimes adding an individualised look can make a world of difference in the overall usefulness of an operator station and the marketing of your machine or system.

You can customise an off the shelf OCS in many inexpensive ways to give you this advantage:

Apply a label on the overlay to add your company logo
Substitute a custom keypad or overlay with your company’s logo, colours and industry terms – our advanced manufacturing techniques make this available to low and high volume users alike
Program the OCS to operate in several languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and more via our easy to use multi-language feature

We can also provide more extensive customisation such as:
Modifying existing I/O modules
Designing new I/O configurations and control functions
Adding protocol or communication options
Designing a custom control station from the ground up

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Product support is as important as the product itself

Technical support and FREE training
You can come to us or our partners for technical or product
support for OCS.
Whether it’s a quick phone call or online information, many
OCS services are available at no charge.
Engineering services such as programming assistance,
packaged solutions and site surveys can be provided at
low cost:

Web site for comprehensive product information,
application examples, sample programmes, training
guides and manuals
Free OCS training classes
2 year warranty
Network of worldwide Sales Associates for parts,
service or support
Online helpdesk
Free download of software updates

World wide support

Replacement parts and support are available from local Horner offices and our network of OCS resellers located all over the world.

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