Material sorting application upgraded with Horner XL7

This application upgrade was by TECHNI-DS and took place in France. The aim of this application was to upgrade and automate the process of mixing the raw materials to each silo to increase ease of use and efficiency for the customer.

Initially, operators were required to control the process manually. This was labor intensive and required the operators to correctly time the incorporation of the raw materials and there was a responsibility to regularly check the flow rates.

It was decided to upgrade this application using Horner’s XL7 controller. Due to the customers previous experience with Horner, they chose the XL7 for its compact size and all-in-one features including its HMI, inputs, and outputs on a single device.

The XL7 All-in-One controller is designed around a high-resolution, wide aspect ratio colour touchscreen, built-in I/O, networking options, removable MicroSD Card and USB ports.  It’s programmable by Horner’s industry recognised Cscape software and can control a wide range of different processes and machines from small to medium applications.  The XL7 comes fully equipped with dual 100Mbps Ethernet ports built into every model.  No additional Ethernet add-ons or accessories are needed.  The XL7 Ethernet support includes an integrated Web Server, FTP Host, Email, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, Programming and more. The XL7 includes two CAN ports.  XL7 I/O expansion is not limited to its Built-in I/O.

With the upgrade, the operator can now specify the contents of the silo, the starting quantity, and the density of the stock product. Now, the mass and density of the product is simply displayed on the screen of the XL7. The only requirement from the operator now is to enter the mass and incorporation rate on the XL7 which will start the screws and convey the raw material when the start button is pressed.

Another advantage of the upgrading of the application to the XL7 is the ability to display alarms and faults on the screen for the user. This allows the operator to react quickly and rectify as soon as possible, limiting the amount of wastage and making the application more efficient.

This solution has made it possible to manage all 6 silos of this application via a single screen and automated the stock updating process thus improving ease of use, efficiency, and reliability for the customer.