SmartStack Metal

SmartStack Metal

SmartBlock a remote I/O solution for any CAN equipped Horner OCS.

Classic modular stack-on modules for our OCS, RCS, RX, NX and QX series controllers. Allow for flexible on-board I/O options.

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Metal SmartStack I/O can only be stacked directly on the back of products supporting metal encased I/O models, such as: Classic OCS, RCS, RX ruggedized controller, and Metal FOX. Products are sorted by commonality. All SmartStack I/O modules include spring-clamp style removable terminals except where noted.

HE800DIM310 16 DC Inputs (12/24VDC, pos/neg logic)
HE800DQM306 16 DC Outputs (12/24VDC, 0.5A pos logic w/ ESCP)
HE800ADC110 12-bit, 4 channel Analog Inputs, Voltage (0-5VDC, +/-5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC)
HE800ADC120 12-bit, 4 channel Analog Inputs, Current (0-20mA, 4-20mA)
HE800DIM410 32 DC Inputs (12/24VDC, pos/neg logic)
HE800HSC600 8 pos logic DC Inputs (0-24VDC), 8 neg logic DC Outputs (5/12/24VDC, 0.5A w/ESCP).  Two inputs configurable as High Speed Counters 500KHz ea.    Two outputs configurable as PWM/Pulse Train
HE800DQM406 32 DC Outputs (12/24VDC, 0.5A pos logic w/ ESCP)
HE800DIQ716 16 DC Inputs (12/24VDC), 12 DC Outputs (12/24VDC,0.5A pos. logic with ESCP)
HE800RTD100 18-bit, 4 channel RTD Inputs (Pt-100, Pt-200, Pt-500, Pt-1000), 0.05ºC resolution
HE800THM100 18-bit, 4 channel Thermocouple Inputs (J, K, T, E+/-25mV, +/-50mV, +/-100mV), 0.05ºC resolution
HE800DIQ712 14 DC Inputs (12/24VDC), 10 Relay Outputs (250vac, 30VDC, 3.0A)
HE800DIQ722 14 AC Inputs (120vac), 10 Relay Outputs (250vac, 30VDC, 3.0A)
HE800DAC106 14-bit, 4 channel Analog Outputs, Current sourcing (0-20mA)
HE800ADC920 12-bit, 12 channel Analog Inputs, multi-type (4-20mA, 0-5VDC, thermister) ch-by-ch selectable
HE800MIX902 8 DC Inputs (12/24VDC), 8 DC Outputs (12/24VDC,0.5A pos. logic with ESCP) and 4 channels Analog Inputs, current (0-20ma, 4-20ma), 12 bit; 2 channels Analog Outputs, current sinking (4-20ma)
HE800DNM650 Enhanced DeviceNet Master.  Supports all common DeviceNet communications services.
HE800PBM650 Profibus Master SmartStack module

Model Lineup

DIM310 (16) 12-24VDC
DIM410 (32) 12-24VDC
DQM306 (16) 10-30VDC
DQM406 (32) 10-30VDC
DIQ712 (10) Relay
(14) 12-24VDC
DIQ716 (12) 10-28VDC (16) 12-24VDC
DIQ722 (10) Relay
120-160 VAC
ADC110 (4) 12 bit
±10VDC, ±5VDC
ADC120 (4) 12 bit ±20mA
ADC920 (12) Thermistor
(-37-115˚C, -35-240˚F),
0-20mA, 0-5VDC
DAC106 (4) 14 bit 0-20mA
DNM650 *1 DeviceNet Master
HSC600 (8) High Speed
Out 5-35VDC
(8) HSC
MIX902 (8) 10-28VDC (8) 12-24VDC (2) 12-bit 0-20mA (4) 12-bit 0-20mA
PBM650 *2 Profibus Master
RTD100 (4) .1˚C RTD
(100, 200, 500, 1000
Ohms at 0°C, Platinum,
Alpha 0.00385, DIN43760)
THM100 (4) .05˚C


Technical Documentation (Requires Login/Registration)

MAN0234-09 HE800ADC010-HE800ADC110 Download
MAN0235-09 HE800ADC020-HE800ADC120 Download
MAN0236-09 HE800RTD000-HE800RTD100 Download
MAN0237-09 HE800THM000-HE800THM100 Download
MAN0265-09 HE800HSC600/HE-HSC600 Download
MAN0268-09 HE800DIQ716-HE/DIQ716 Download
MAN0292-08 HE800MIX902-HE/MIX902 Download
MAN0315-07 HEDIQ722-HE/DIQ722 Download
MAN0316-08 HEDIQ712/HE-DIQ712 Download
MAN0317-09 HE800ADC920/HE-ADC920 Download
MAN0369-05 HE800DIM310/HE-DIM310/HE800DIM410/HE-DIM410 Download
MAN0372-06 HE800DQM306/HE-DQM306/HE800DQM406/HE-DQM406 Download
MAN0453-04 HE800DAC106/HE-DAC106 Download
MAN0575-04 USER MANUAL HE800PBM650/HEPBM650 Download
MAN0577-03 USER MANUAL HE800DNM650/HEDNM650 Download
MAN0628-01 HEDNM650/HE800DNM650 Download