Introducing Cscape 10 and Horner’s Canvas Series

The Horner Automation Group is pleased to announce the release of Cscape 10 software – a major new release of Horner’s FREE Windows-based Application Development software for their line of OCS All-in-one Controllers and PLCs. Horner All-in-one Controllers combine the functionality of a PLC with a built-in Operator Interface – and are available with a variety of screen size and built-in I/O options.  Cscape is used by Automation Professionals to configure every aspect of their OCS controlled machine control applications.  This includes logic development using Ladder Logic and other IEC61131 languages, screen development and user interface design, network communications and I/O configuration. Cscape and OCS were the first to perform all these functions in a unified control platform using a single software development package in their initial version in the late 1990s. Cscape 10 continues the legacy of innovative, powerful yet easy-to-use software that has continued to be provided completely FREE for more than 25 years.

As a major new release, Cscape 10 features a redesigned user interface and among its dozens of improvements includes the newly developed Advanced Graphics Engine.  This Advanced Graphics Engine supports several graphic building blocks for user interface design that have been reimagined from the ground-up.  These include (but are not limited to) Trend, XY Graph and Scatter Graph objects, a Recipe object, Alarm objects and a Video playback object.

Released concurrently with Cscape 10 is the line of Canvas All-in-one Controllers (HMI + PLC) – which brings the Cscape 10 Advanced Graphics Engine to the factory floor along with a powerful logic engine.  All Canvas models include a dual-core microprocessor – with separate cores dedicated to logic and user interface execution.  Canvas is initially available in five (5) different colour touchscreen sizes ranging from 3.5” to 10.1” diagonal.  Highlights include the Canvas 5, featuring a 4.3” colour touchscreen and 12 built-in I/O points; and the Canvas 10D, featuring a 10.1” colour touchscreen and five built-in I/O options ranging from 22-42 points of I/O.   All Canvas models include a microSD slot, USB for programming and FLASH drive support, RS232/485, CAN for I/O expansion and CANopen support, and Ethernet port(s) supporting multiple Industrial Ethernet protocols.

Cscape 10 is available as a FREE software download from the Horner Automation website ( on July 1, 2024. Canvas All-in-one Controllers will be begin shipping from the Horner Europe office in Cork, Ireland on that same date.