How our Italian Distributor became a key Horner Partner

From a small Italian Company in 1986, Enrico Guasco developed a Horner distribution business in Italy and used that knowledge to become a key Horner Partner developing business and support in the wider European environment.

In 1986, Enrico was part of a small Italian Company between two associates whose goal was to provide cost effective electronic devices from other small companies as an alternative to the major and well know suppliers. In 1989 the business became a sole managed enterprise and acquired its current name of Tex-El di Guasco Enrico.

In 1992, Enrico expanded his work into consultancy where he worked defining systems, products, and programming for a medium sized business. He started to use PLC, motion controllers, frequency drives and brushless motors regularly. After four years Enrico moved on to become a reseller and system integrator.

In 1997 Enrico began selling products in Italy from SoftPLC Corp. in Texas USA. This opportunity involved new training which resulted in Enrico engaging in different markets and learning more about the wider industry. He had the realisation that running a business by himself wasn’t the best way to turn profit and so began the journey of seeking a partnership with a successful company.

For the next few years Enrico spent time working in tech support and sales support for a large Italian company.  In 2001, he attended SPS Nuremberg, looking for new products to add to the company portfolio. It was here he met Mr. David Taylor of Horner Automation and they discussed the potential to distribute Horner products in Italy.

In 2002, after a couple of phone meetings, Enrico met with Mr. Richard Cooper, Vice President of Horner Automation for a technical and sales meeting in Biella, Italy where the proposal was made for Enrico to take over the distribution and Support of Horner products in the Mediterranean area.

After this, Enrico took this opportunity to have a fresh start with Tex-El di Guasco Enrico supported by a partnership with Horner Automation. Enrico has accumulated a vast technical knowledge in the operation and application of Horner Automation products in many vertical markets.

“With Horner Automation I was able to have a fulfilling and rewarding partnership and over the years I got more and more involved with Horner Automation, with conducting exhibitions and training in Cork. The support from them helped me to grow business”

Enrico continues to run Tex-El di Guasco Enrico that markets the product in Italy in partnership with Horner Automation, where he also provides support for distributors of Horner Automation in parts of South and East Europe and helps to develop marketing strategies targeting these regions with Horner Automation.

Contact Details

Horner APG Mediterranean

Tex El Di Guasco Enrico ,
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Mosso (Bi) 6-13822

Contact: Enrico Guasco
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