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Did you know that XLE and XLT are used in many vast ranging applications? They are used in many applications ranging from Farming to Food Production, from Renewable Energy to Waste Water Processing.

The Entry Level to the XL Family of all-in-one intelligent and powerful controls,  the XLE and XLT boast many advanced features not normally found in a Controller of its price range. These controllers are designed to provide you with ease of use, cost savings and flexibility for your operation, no matter the application.

The XLE and XLT controllers feature set includes

  • Can Open and J1939 – for Connection to Drives and Engine Management Systems
  • OutDoor Transflective screen – for Easy viewing on Mobile Equipment Outdoor
  • Wide Ranging Power Supply – for operation on Battery Systems
  • Wide Range of Inbuilt I/O Systems with over 40 points of Digital and up to 6 Thermocouples for Temperature measuring
  • Add Integrated Modems, Profibus Slave and other XL I/O Expansion Modules
  • Use the Ethernet Version with WEBMI Webdesigner Capabilty to get a powerful Tablet application with the graphics of a 10” Plus Screen