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Configuration Software

Cscape Free PLC software combines graphical ladder diagram programming (based on IEC-1131) with operator interface development to completely integrate the control package.

  • Integrated IEC languages
  • Relay Ladder Logic
  • Floating Point Maths
  • Motion Commands
  • Serial Read and Write Functions
  • I/O Configuration
  • Auto Tune PID
  • Modem & Networking Functionality


Cscape software combines graphical ladder diagram programming (based on IEC-61131) with operator interface development to completely integrate the control package. Its straightforward approach to programming combines logic with messaging and networking.

Cscape features a powerful IEC-61131 style free form, drag and drop ladder editor. Nearly 100 functions to choose from, including conversion, string handling, advanced math, flow control and more. IEC-61131 languages now come as standard with Cscape.

Operator Interface
Designed to simplify development of your Operator Interface screens while you develop your control logic. Screens can be called up from ladder logic or operate independently. Use a single set of I/O references-no duplication of effort.

I/O configuration
Configure all your I/O from Cscape manually or automatically.  Built-in expansion and remote I/O are all handled in a straight-forward manner.


Cscape 9.90 SP3.5

Cscape 9.90 SP3.5 Download


Technical Documentation (Requires Login/Registration)

Cscape 9.90 SP3.5 Release note Download
Cscape Help Files Download
Cscape Category and Symbol List Download

What’s New in Cscape™ 9.90

Cscape 9.90 SP3.5 Enhancements

  • Added support for Micro OCS series model – X10
  • Added support for MCS series model – MCS8842

Cscape 9.90 SP3 Enhancements

  • Increase in objects per screen for X4 and X7 to 100
  • Cscape Registration
  • Gmail support in XLEe, XLTe, X4, X7
  • DHCP and DNS support
  • UDFB support
  • MQTT – Sparkplug (Licensed Feature)
  • AES Encryption for download of security table.
  • Advanced ladder with tags supporting 50K registers
  • Structure support in RM blocks
  • Added Timer / Counter and PID predefined structure for Advanced Ladder with Tags

Cscape 9.90 SP2 Enhancements

  • Added EXLW(EXL6 wide model)
  • Updated live graphics update support for XL+ for firmware 15.32 compatibility

Cscape 9.90 SP1 Enhancements

  • Added X7 model
  • Added Wifi Support (Currently XL+ only)
  • Added Support for J1939 and CANopen on RCC Models, RCC2414, RCC8842, RCC1410
  • Support for full memory map (50000 %R registers etc.) plus logic size increase on RCC Models, RCC2414, RCC8842, RCC1410
  • Added Set CAN ID Logic Block (Advanced Ladder only – no IEC support)
  • Needle Only (previously Classic Style) gauge now supports Triangle and Rhombus needle styles as in the advanced gauge style.
  • Improvements have been made to the interface for selecting images
  • Improved provision for automatic and manual text wrapping for buttons is available
  • Added X5 Video Object Support
  • Support Selection of J1939 Baud Rate
  • Added HSC digital filtering
  • Added Xle/t HSC Output Pulse Mode
  • Added allowing the user to import a set of variable names from an XML file.
  • Enhanced indirect move block to make it’s use more flexible with Tag based ladder programming.
  • Remove Obsolete models from Model Database (Products removed: OCS100/110; OCS200/210; OCS250; RCS; All Mini OCS; PLC188; CCU; NJN100; SX117/118; HE-ATBxxx; HE400DNT188; HE200UCNx14)

Cscape 9.80 SP2 Enhancements

  • Font Migration for QX to XL+
  • Added Touch Pressure SR registers (%SR9 and %SR10)
  • 24-bit color bmp support added for XL+
  • “JPEG Compress” option disabled for 24-bit color bitmaps
  • Font files (.ttf) are saved as part of Cscape Program (.csp) files for XL+
  • Added more sizes and resolutions to XL+ Video Object
  • Change in Error Message for more than 100% bitmap size
  • New model X2 support
  • Enhanced PWM implementation with Backward compatibility

Cscape Version 9.80 Enhancements

  • XL+ Support
  • XLEe/XLTe support
  • PGM Converter Utility for original XLE/T PGM files
  • Web Authentication mode selection -­‐ to support Socomea/Ewon type virtual connection devices
  • Support NTP Protocol


Cscape Version 9.70 SP2 Enhancements

  1. Support WebMI 2. Support RCC8842 3. Support Ethernet IP Tag Exchange
  2. Support X5 CAN protocol variants
    • CANopen.
    • J1939.
    • DeviceNet
  3. Add WebMI support on ZX and RCC Platform
  4. Add status for logged in Users (Locally and WebMI)
  5. Increase WebMI alarm count on ZX and EXL10
  6. Support UTC


Cscape Version 9.70 SP1 Enhancements

  1. Support WebMI 2. Support RCC8842 3. Support Ethernet IP Tag Exchange
  2. Support for two new modems
    • HE-XRC2Q: GSM / GPRS (2.5G) Quad band Modem
    • HE-XRC3D: UMTS / HSPA 3G Global Modem
  3. Support for 50 K Baud – All Linux Models (XL7e / XL4e / ZX / EXL10e / EXL6e / X5) supports 50 K Baud Rate
  4. Support for X5 controller