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What is MQTT Sparkplug? In this emerging age of the Industrial Internet of Things - MQTT has grown in prominence as an efficient protocol for transporting machine data to servers in the plant or in the cloud. While MQTT is more prevalent than ever - so are the interoperability challenges. There are a lot of gaps in the MQTT specification - gaps that result in communications roadblocks. MQTT Sparkplug was designed to fill in the specification gaps and clear the roadblocks. In this session we'll take a close look at MQTT Sparkplug - what it is, what it's good for and which components support it. 9/2/202310:30am CET30 minutes
Transform your Register-Based Logic Routine to a UDFB In this session, we’ll start with an analog processing routine developed using register-based ladder logic and transform it into a variable-based UDFB. Don't miss this session where we demonstrate how to efficiently re-use and modularize existing register-based code.23/2/202310:30am CET30 minutes
Build an Analog Totalizer with the Horner OCS If you have an application where you are measuring flow - one of your key control tasks may be to totalize that flow. Proper totalization requires more than just math - accurate analog and time measurement are critical. In this session we’ll illustrate effective techniques including utilizing the Horner OCS high-resolution time-base to ensure you get the results you are looking for.2/3/202310:30am CET30 minutes

Smart Micro Dairy
Smart Microdairy™
developed in Limerick, Ireland
by Unison Process Solutions.
Read how Horner Technology was
applied in this innovative application.
Providing solutions for Industrial,
Process and Building Automation.
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Συνδυάζοντας έναν ελεγκτή, το περιβάλλον χρήστη, I / O και τη δικτύωση σε μια ενιαία συμπαγή μονάδα, το OCS (Operator Control Station) παρέχει μια καλύτερη λύση συστημάτων ελέγχου για OEM’s, κατασκευαστές και τελικούς χρήστες.



Τα προϊόντα της Horner Automation έχουν χρησιμοποιηθεί με επιτυχία σε  ποικιλία εφαρμογών βιομηχανικού ελέγχου και αυτοματισμού, όπως: Επεξεργασία νερού, Παρακολούθηση ενέργειας, Συστήματα ελέγχου αντλιών, Συστήματα διαχείρισης κτιρίων, προϊόντα γεωργίας και Custom OEM.



Η Horner Automation προσφέρει μια σειρά πακέτων λογισμικού που επιτρέπουν στον τελικό χρήστη να προγραμματίζει, να διαμορφώνει, να παρακολουθεί από απόσταση και να ελέγχει τις συσκευές Horner. Το Cscape, είναι πλήρως ενσωματωμένο λογισμικό προγραμματισμού και διαμόρφωσης IEC61131 και είναι διαθέσιμο δωρεάν για λήψη.

Horner Automation Group are global leaders in the design and manufacture of factory automation control products.

Horner Automation Group designs, builds, and markets a wide array of industrial All-in-One controllers, consisting of programmable HMI, I/O, software and peripherals for the Industrial, Process Control, Renewable Energy and Building Automation markets.