Concrete Recycling application by STEKA in Austria

The Horner product chosen for this application was the X7 Controller with Modbus I/O. The overall scalability, low cost, and the OCS All-In-One features of the X7 made it the perfect choice for the application ahead of its competition for the customer.

This application serves to dispose of fresh residual concrete and washout water from the concrete production plant. The material is washed out by means of a large recycling screw, into which the residual concrete is fed, and the drier part is conveyed upwards. The fine particles remain in the washing water, which then overflows into basins. These contain agitators, which are intended to prevent the fine particles from settling in the water.

The mixed water is then used again for low-grade concrete production. The solid gravel can also be recycled.

The mixing drums are then cleaned at the end of every working day by pumping the water into the mixing drum via gallows and then circulating back into the buffer basin. Almost no additional fresh water is wasted during this process.

All production components are displayed on the touchscreen of the X7. This is also used to monitor the system in automatic mode. All parameters such as interval times and fill level checks are parameterised here.

The controller is located next to the production plant and by using the Ethernet interface and the integrated web server features, the plant image is displayed in the product control room. Fault reports are also sent to the operator via LTE modem at the weekend.