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  • The webinar video will breakdown the following

    Fail Safe

    • What is "Fail Safe"? How Fail Safe can help with battery issues and memory corruption.
    • How backup and restore can help protect your data and your business. An explanation as to why it is important to have this feature in your business and how the process works.
    • A video tutorial of how to set this up on an XL 4 controller and how different architectures help your business keep data on controllers safe should a battery die.
    • What will happen if you don't have a back up and restore.


    • What AutoLoad protects against, for example flash corruption
    • List of situations you might need AutoLoad
    • We will show you how to set up an AutoLoad on your controller with a short demonstration video.
    • We will show you what will happen if you power up your OCS and you don't have the Autoload set up.


    • We will explain what cloning is.
    • How to make one an a OCS controller and why this is a useful thing to do.
    • We will show how to perform a power cycle.
    • Explain how production is useful from a cloning standpoint.

    After Attending this Webinar: You will understand the points expressed above.

    Questions & Answers: There will also be a live questions and answers session to assist you in implementing this important feature at the end of the webinar. Should you have questions you are more than welcome to ask them.