Tech Tips

How to enable subtitles on our webinar recordings

February 8, 2022
How to enable subtitles on our Webinar Recordings Did you know it’s possible to watch our webinar recordings with subtitles enabled? This can help you to follow the webinar narration in a convenient way. In just a few simple steps you can enable them on any of our webinar videos. Visit our webinar page:
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Cscape Status Bar

June 15, 2021
It is recommended that ALL users of Cscape make sure the Status Bar is turned on. It may be selected from the View > Toolbars menu and is displayed at the bottom of Cscape. 1. Connection – How Cscape is connected to an OCS. An Ethernet connection is shown here. 2. User – Indicates which...
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Horner OCS – The Ultimate Automation Multi-Tool

November 18, 2020

The OCS controller series are a set of controllers that combine the functionality of a PLC and a HMI in a single compact component.

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Discover the Advantages of MQTT with Horner Automation

October 13, 2020

Discover the Advantages of MQTT – a low bandwidth push messaging protocol suitable for many IOT Applications built into our capable HMI /PLC – the Horner OCS.

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