While Horner is very confident about the quality and longevity of our controllers, we understand that continuity of operation is important.

Because of this, today we will introduce you to how to create a Fail Safe System on a Horner controller with four key features. These four features make up a Fail Safe System

1. Back Up and Restore

2. Autoload

3. Autorun

4. Cloning

In the webinar these four features, and how to implement them will be explained in detail with a focus on the end user. Successfully implementing these features will provide many advantages to you our customer. These are as follows,

To protect your business by protecting the data on your controller should there be a power supply disruption caused by exceptional circumstances such as lightning strikes or failure of local inductive load devices.

Cloning provides you the customer with the ability create an exact copy of a controller and reinstate it via MicroSD.

Fail Safe will ensure that your Process Data will be secure should a file become corrupted due to a programming error in application.

Autoload and Autorun will ensure that your OCS can recover automatically after certain events

These features will help protect your data, your business and your investment. You will never have to worry about losing your data on a Horner Controller.